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Living and Loving Life in PE

Our aim at is to help people get excited about our fantastic city.

We connect local Port Elizabeth business with customers in creative new ways. Ways which create a buzz and excitement about what's on offer.

We offer free advertising for all Port Elizabeth businesses and residents. By building a large and vibrant community we are creating a website that becomes a useful tool for all.

We are always looking for ways to improve and would love to hear from you. Please contact us with any and all ideas and criticism. If you need a specific solution for your business needs we may just build it into our system for you so please be creative.

PE Events

Our events menu to the right of the home page is a small sampling of our powerful events management and publishing system. If you regularly need to advertise events, functions, shows etc you can easily publish your event within our events calendar. You can even use our system to invite guests to your event and have them confirm whether they will attend on our site. You can even flow, if you so wish, your guests to invite their friends either through private messaging or email to your function. Using this social forum to market your next function may just provide you with the boost in business that you need. The best is that our events system is free!

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